Fewer, Bigger, Better

How do we make the biggest impact? By doing fewer things, much better.

Why it matters: So often it seems like marketing teams are on a wheel that keep on churning. The focus is on doing a lot of things instead of quality. Marketing teams have put an insane amount of pressure on themselves to produce. The reality is that volume doesn’t speak to quality. Marketing has never been measured by the volume of output. It’s been measured by impact.

The big picture: Imagine the work that could be done if the team had permission to do less and focus on what actually drives an impact? When teams have a strategy in place and permission to not be everything to everyone, incredible work can be done. Instead of focusing on the daily churn, it’s time for teams to focus on the moments where the biggest impact can be made for the brand.

Bottom-line: It’s time to take the pressure off the volume and put the pressure on doing good work. Define your ‘why’ and stick to it.